This site is designed to make cosmology calculations easy and pain-free. Here, you will find a host of tools and resources for performing calculations, ranging from distance calculations to cosmological error predictions for future surveys.

The site also contains a set of tutorials and links that are useful whether you are a newbie to cosmology or a seasoned professional. These resources have been made available in an easy-to-access format and will be continually updated and expanded.


You can perform a calculation either by using your web browser or by downloading the source code. To get started you can either go to tools, and you will be guided through each step. Alternatively, you can use the QuickStart Calculator to the right.


Here you will find general cosmology support materials, such as tutorials and links to external sites. To find the material you need go to resources or use the QuickStart Tutorial to the right. If you wish to create your own interactive web pages you can use the templates available here. A discussion forum for the tools and resources is provided at Cosmocoffee.




12/07/2010 - iCosmo Version 1.2. Download version 1.2 of the iCosmo source code from here.

15/05/2010 - Path Integral Marginalization. Module for astro-ph/1005.2063 to be included in iCosmo v2.0.

21/03/2010 - Marginalization. Module for astro-ph/1003.1136 to be included in iCosmo v2.0.

02/09/2009 - Halo Model. Module for astro-ph/0909.0529 to be included in iCosmo v2.0.

21/05/2009 - w(z) eigenfunctions. Module for astro-ph/0905.3383 to be included in iCosmo v2.0.

20/05/2009 - Hardware-Software balance. Code for astro-ph/0905.3176 can be downloaded here iCosmo PublicAstroCodes.

11/02/2009 - Redshift Distortion & ISW. Module for astro-ph/0902.1759 to be included in iCosmo v2.0.

21/01/2009 - Cloud Cosmology. Article available here. Template web pages available here.

11/12/2008 - Form Filling Functions. Module for astro-ph/0812.1966 to be included in iCosmo v2.0. Module available now here.

11/10/2008 - iCosmo Presented at Dark Energy Conference Munich. Download the talk here.

09/10/2008 - iCosmo V1.1 released.

09/10/2008 - iCosmo paper submitted to astro-ph. Available for download here.

29/09/2008 - iCosmo V1.0 released.